Summer days drifting away

To the gorgeous reader who’s stumbled their way into this blog, I’m happy to report to you that yes, I’m still alive, and yes, summer has been an incredible experience. But before I start off today’s update of just how incredible summer has been so far, I highly encourage listening to Talisman’s latest EP, Muliwai, while you’re reading. You might even hear a familiar voice there. Go ahead. I’ll wait for you.

Good? Let’s go. 

Summer has treated me well; like, really well. It’s strange to think that the culmination of these past seven or so weeks has been an overall indistinguishable contentment, but I truly mean it when I say I haven’t had such a good break in a long while. To sum things up, I’ve: seen two musicals and a handful of movies, gone to Great America and visited an art museum, watched fireworks for the Fourth of July from Google’s campus, caught up on The Bachelorette (#TeamJason 😢), celebrated my birthday, practiced my photography again, hosted many board game nights, and had many great (and not so great) food adventures with my friends.

And that’s not to say I’ve taken a break by any means. I’m currently a research assistant at the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis on campus, and it’s so inspiring and cool to be surrounded by people and projects so intent on harnessing technology to view the world in a humanistic perspective. Working specifically with the project team for The Urban Legacy of Ancient Rome exhibit has been a learning experience, in both my classical and technical endeavors, and I’m really excited to share what we’ve been working on soon… but that may have to come later. In the mean time, check out an intern spotlight CESTA did of me and the project I’m working on.

I haven’t had such a good break in a long while.

In other news, I’ve finished uploading the last few videos of Gala and Spring Show,  hereby closing the chapter to my tenure as Talisman’s Publicity Manager (at least for now — perhaps I’ll try my hand at it again senior year?). I will be the first one to say that transitioning into the role wasn’t easy by any means, but I’m on the whole fortunate and happy with my decision to stay in Talisman this year. If anything, it’ll keep me grounded and deeply rooted as I take a break from the group this coming year, reminding me of the relationships and connections I have all because of this one huge mess of a family I auditioned for almost two years ago.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

It seems fitting to me then that the EP is called Muliwai (you’re still listening to it, right?). It’s a Hawaiian word, one that spoken word artist No’u Revilla shared with us over Spring Tour while we talked about how quickly identity gets muddled when your background comes from many places. Muliwai is where the fresh water meets the salt water, a unique ecosystem that can only support certain kinds of life. And right now, at as halfway as I can possibly be in my Stanford career, I’ve found myself attempting to deftly maneuver through the unique challenges being a not-quite-underclassman-but-also-not-quite-upperclassman student.

Two years and half a summer in, I don’t have a super clear picture of where I am and where I need to be just yet; I see the edges and the colors and the general forms, but exactly how they lock in place remains a bit of a mystery. I do know I’m taking the steps to find that clarity, though, so here’s to hoping I’ll find the peace and resolve to feel comfortable at wherever I’m at and where I’m heading (or that it’ll all come to me in a dream one evening… one can hope).

Which brings us to this blog and its nebulous, seemingly non-existent mission. I don’t really know what to do with you, dear reader, especially as I realize that that reader is often just me these days. Not that it bothers me much: looking back at my last few posts has made me feel like this is a public journal, and it’s therapeutic in a way that I think keeping these thoughts to myself isn’t. So there’s that.

SONY DSC                        Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Seven weeks into summer and seven weeks left of it, and I’m already anxiously awaiting the arrival of junior year. It’s honestly so crazy to think that in four short weeks I’ll be done with my internship (unless I can figure out a way to extend it through the year) and I’ll be in the heat of RA training, and then I’m thrown into the throes of my third year. God help me.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta sign up for my classes. Fingers crossed Student Services Center hasn’t put a hold on me just yet and AXESS won’t crash on me.

Until next time,

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