Mischief managed

For the record, I never intended to turn this blog into a 3D printing appreciation blog. But after making the Talisman charms a few months back, I couldn’t simply stop printing. 

And so I continued to print. This time, I found a nice wand holder from Thingiverse to print (whose files I can’t seem to find anymore… ah well); I let the printer run overnight while I left the office, then spray painted the whole thing with brown glossy paint. A few extra touches here and there, and I’d have to say that the result is not too shabby:


If you expected this post to be anything more than a wand holder appreciation post, I’m sorry to say that you’ve been misled. There’s not much more to say except I’m very, very happy with how it turned out, printing and filament issues be damned. And now I have a place for my reed wand to sit!

Until next time,

Scan Mar 19, 2018 at 7.04 PM


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