La città eterna

I’ve always been fascinated with Roma, the eternal city. It’s perhaps the one place in the world where turning the corner on centuries-old cobblestone streets opens up a vista of over two millennia’s worth of history in a single view. Rome hums, its urban development layered one on top of the other, connecting the past to today in striking ways that made ancient Rome feel closer to where I am now.

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Turning over a new Leif

I’m packing. Boxes are slowly starting to pile up on my couch, which I’m giving to a friend for next year. The walls of my room are bare, except for a clock I got at IKEA before freshman year (gotta leave it up to keep time!). I’m going through the drawers, just shoving everything that’s inside into any free crevice a box allows – and then I see an envelope.

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Antagonistic and artful companions

Hey! It’s been a while. (I’ve really got to stop making that a habit with this thing.) I have to say, this quarter was a tough but incredibly rewarding one, and while I hope to find more time to write about it very (very!) soon, for now I’m excited to share a project I’ve been working on with a few friends over the past three months: Artbot.

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