La città eterna

I’ve always been fascinated with Roma, the eternal city. It’s perhaps the one place in the world where turning the corner on centuries-old cobblestone streets opens up a vista of over two millennia’s worth of history in a single view. Rome hums, its urban development layered one on top of the other, connecting the past to today in striking ways that made ancient Rome feel closer to where I am now.

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Antagonistic and artful companions

Hey! It’s been a while. (I’ve really got to stop making that a habit with this thing.) I have to say, this quarter was a tough but incredibly rewarding one, and while I hope to find more time to write about it very (very!) soon, for now I’m excited to share a project I’ve been working on with a few friends over the past three months: Artbot.

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A letter to the Class of 2022

To the incoming Stanford Class of 2022,

Are you feeling the buzz, the small hum of electricity that seemingly courses through your fingertips? The restless pull in your stomach as you drive past the neatly manicured palm trees and red-tiled roofs? The impatient visions that come from the anticipation of late night conversations in Old Union and fountain hopping in The Claw?

That was how I felt when I arrived on campus for the very first time as a first year. Driving past the Cardinal red banner hung at the end of Palm Drive and then making my way through the maze-like arteries to Stern Hall on east campus, there was something akin to a magnet holding onto me by the gut and drawing me further into the heart of Stanford. I was excited, and I was prepared.

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Sophomore year reflections

It is the Thursday of Dead Week – sorry, Dead Day – and I’m sitting at the edge of the Starbucks at Tresidder, watching a steady stream of people coming in and out of the shop. I received a doozy of an email a few moments ago, and having been so thoroughly distracted from reviewing what Bayesian classifiers are, I thought it’d be nice to take a step back and reflect on this past year (sounds daunting, I know).

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Spring cleaning (and other stray thoughts)

It’s officially Week Six of Spring Quarter, and oh, how my room has been a mess. It’s honestly unexpected, given how nice and neat I usually am; in the haste that defined Winter Quarter (and the rush to the airport at four in the morning for Spring Break), however, I imagine that a tidy room was put on the back burner. 

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