Draw Two

Roommate matching, simplified

In-House Draw. To Stanford undergrads, the mere mention of it recalls memories of uncomfortable interactions and small selection pools. At many universities, the annual housing draw is the single largest stressor students experience. For a good outcome, it’s important not just where you live, but who you live with.

A significant chunk of campus goes through draw alone, and these people are poorly supported by in-house draws. Existing augmentations like pre-draw mixers and roommate spreadsheets are plagued by high search costs and information overload.

Enter Draw Two: students’ saving grace for In-House Draw. Using many-to-many matching, data science, and psychology, we provide students a custom list of their likely-compatible roommates right before In-House Draw.

Our hope is that by reducing the complexity of the problem for the users—by reducing the total burden of finding roommates on students—they’ll feel more secure about their living situation for the upcoming year, and less stressed throughout the In-House Draw process.