Reduce your carbon footprint

🏆 Most Potential Impact
2019 CS 377E Project Expo

Footprint was a quarter-long group project created for CS 377E: Designing Solutions to Grand Global Problems, under the theme of Human-Centered AI.

When purchasing personal care products, environmental sustainability is superseded by convenience, cost, motivation, and routine. Footprint helps in becoming environmentally friendly by using AI and Computer Vision to identify, suggest and track non-invasive changes to one’s purchasing habits.

As Product Manager and UI/UX Designer in a team of five, I facilitated the group using design thinking principles through needfinding, brainstorming, testing, and development. Moreover, I defined the app’s aesthetics and interaction design by creating the medium-fidelity prototype using Figma. Lastly, I created all artwork and character design for the app, including Leif, the avatar featured front and center.

At the end of the quarter, we presented our work to Stanford faculty industry leaders at the CS 377E Project Expo, where Footprint won Most Potential Impact.