Glass Ceiling

A game about gender in the workplace

In this 4-player card game, players assume control of a team of employees in Megacorp. Your goal is simple: you want your Employees to achieve as much as possible before they make their Exit (into another position, into another company, or otherwise – it’s up to you!).

Along the way, your Employees will encounter situations that will affect them greatly. Someone might use their fraternity connections to get a spot on a job you want. Someone might be asked by HR to change their clothes. And someone might experience sexual harassment during a late shift at work.

Though it has the appearance of a fun game, Glass Ceiling digs deep into the stories of people’s experiences at work as a result of their gender. It’s meant to provoke thoughtful discussion and discomfort.

These Employees’ fates are in your hands. It’s up to you to get them through it.