Ram’s Head Theatrical Society

Stanford’s largest theatrical organization

Ram’s Head Theatrical Society is the oldest and largest theatrical organization on campus. Founded in 1911, Ram’s Head provides acting, directing, designing, and playwriting opportunities to over 200 students per year, and its productions are attended by more than 6,000 people annually.

As part of the Board of Directors, we were emphatic in communicating our mission to promote inclusion, representation, and diversity throughout all parts of the theater-making experience. As part of this roll-out of our vision for the future of the organization, I introduced new and updated symbols to help communicate this change to the broader membership.

The new inward-facing symbol is the Turalura, named after its real-life counterpart. The Turalura is a simplified version of the original logo, which is retained for outward-facing communication like productions, fundraising, and marketing.

It’s simple, sleek, and easily scales in comparison to the original design; given the membership’s familiarity with the original logo, this minimalist abstraction easily reads as the original logo but with a more future-forward aesthetic.

In addition to the updated symbol, I produced a secondary logo depicting the side profile of the ram (to be used for a revived membership newsletter) as well as auxiliary materials for future designers to utilize.