Vincent Nicandro

(Re)branding myself

My portfolio has undergone numerous transformations over the past few years (as shown to the right); over the course of my time at Stanford, my personal site has taken on the responsibilities of a Stanford blog, a personal blog, a writing portfolio, a graphic design portfolio, and cloud storage.

Truthfully, this site is no different from the aforementioned purposes I listed; nevertheless, I felt that as my work began to grow in quality and frequency, I needed to overhaul this site to reflect that growth. Perhaps the most difficult aspect about the design process was how deeply personal it was. How and in what ways did I want to communicate and portray myself across the internet?

In the end, I decided to let my work stand on its own, with my portfolio being the home page for the site and roughly organized in columns. Note that my blog is nonetheless a large part of the site, and is where I share my rambling thoughts and ideas. Titles are graced with Anonymous Pro, and the typeface for the body text is Karla.

I also took this as an opportunity to take another look at the monograms which at one point or another have graced my site. Very early on, I was deeply intrigued by the geometry of V and N, and held onto the triangle-trapezoid formations for a while (often at the sake of legibility). I kept the spirit of this in the new iteration while improving the letterforms by keeping everything in a strict grid, with all corners being 90 degrees.